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   ATV Lift
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The ATV Model Lift is Adaptable to Accommodate 
any Motorcycle, Jet Ski, Golf Cart, and Snowmobile!


• This is a stationary model that lifts your ATV to a 70 degree incline.
• Raises ATV 24 feet in the air for increased visibility.
• Completely Portable.
• Set up takes less than 15 minutes.
• Position it anywhere on your lot and you can move it from spot to spot in a matter of minutes.


• This is a carousel model with a rotating platform to add even greater visibility.
• It will raise your ATV 20 feet in the air.
• It’s a portable, moving & ever changing “Feature Attraction” on your lot.
• Set up takes less than 15 minutes. Position it anywhere on your lot. Move it from spot to spot in a matter of minutes.
• The only power requirements are a 20 amp/120V A/C outlet.
* Models with a rotating platform are easily maintained with the installation of automatic lubricators on the rotation bearings.


• Graphics Packages can be added for a unique flare.
• Optional accessories such as lights and flags can also be added.

• Maintenance-free
• Multi-Theme able
• Extremely Attractive



AutoMotion Displays, Inc. makes available to you  the  most  innovative  and  unique  way  to promote any vehicle on your lot.  As the leader in Portable Elevating Vehicle Carousels,  we can build a turn-key solution for your Dealerships ATV’s, Jet Ski’s, Motorcycles, Golf Cart, Snowmobiles and much more.   The  ATV  Lift  gives you high visibility by raising your vehicle to a maximum height of  24 feet, that’s guaranteed to attract attention. This is accomplished by using a standard 120volt  A/C electric motor and hydraulic pump, which powers two cylinders that safely lift your vehicle to its prominent position. Time tested technology working for  you and it’s as easy as plugging in your coffee maker.  All you need is an ordinary extension cord and your set.
As though our Portable Elevating Vehicle Carousels were not exciting enough already, just for fun we took it one step further.  We can bring your Elevating Vehicle Carousel to life in a whole new way and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination…
The first way is a flat panel picture (your artwork), mounted to aluminum panels, supported by a steel frame.  The results?  A stunning and very realistic reproduction that will grab the attention of anyone driving by your dealership. 
The other way is by creating a 3 dimensional assembly of panels that form your display.  The panels are then textured and painted to give it a very realistic and powerful look. Imagine one of your vehicles 24 feet in the air, either stationary or perhaps spinning at the top of “Devil’s Tower”…or perhaps one of your Jet Ski’s on top of a Giant 24ft Wave!  The purpose of course is to give your dealership the eye-catching attention it deserves.  This new found attention will increase your sales and keep your dealership at the forefront of your market.
For More Pictures of the AD-20R & AD-24V ATV Lifts... 
Please view the ATV Gallery.






  * We also have displays designed specifically for Boat  
     Dealers as well.
     For More information about this particular product or
     any other product found on this site,
     Please contact our offices.
     Thank you.












With the flat platform of the AD-20R Rotating Lift we can raise and rotate anything you can imagine 20 feet in the air for maximum visibility of your product.

Even a Jacuzzi!

Call us for More Details and click the picture to see more Spinning Jacuzzi Pictures!







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